Marketing Consulting

marketing Consulting


We don’t consider marketing as just a traditional approach, but follow a completely systematic full proof process. Marketing includes studying your product, your customer base and creating an identity of your business in your own unique way. If you are a startup, then our methodology for marketing is preparing a market research report with total market feasibility study, which gives you complete details related to your business in outside market with total solutions having details on all macro aspects of your business (secondary market research report). If you want in depth strategic research on the market, then we can create a preliminary report to give you complete insight. If you are planning for expansion or extending a new product line or services to your business, we provide a complete market feasibility report. This service also includes Entry Strategy Study in new or different market.

Based on this report, we plan out your marketing strategy. It can be promotions, advertisements, campaigns in the local market or traditional way. Business Due Diligence, total study of market, risk, a complete alert system before signing any legal contract, thus keeping our clients total risk and tension free.

We also help you plan your budget for advertising and marketing and schedule your ads. We can help you create an online presence through online marketing, Social Media presence, websites and promotional events. Creating your business brand and brand value also comes under these services.

As a client oriented business consulting company, we plan marketing strategies centering your business depending on products and services of the business. We will plan out a detailed marketing strategy, finalize a marketing message that company wishes to convey its client and mixing both of these a final mix to achieve a target.

Not only this, we will continue monitoring the marketing plan, tweak out where necessary to get the best result. Igneeva is having a team of experts having expertise in understanding customer’s interest and make them buy your products. We would say a creative approach with an analytic mind is what makes Igneeva, a successful team.

  • Creating Corporate Identity
  • Relative Message Creation
  • Branding of your Business and your name
  • Maintaining of Public Relations and Reputation Management
  • Telemarketing
  • Brand valuation

We also offer advertising solution to our clients

marketing and adertising

Branding & Advertising

Planning out complete advertising layout including time period to type of advertisement and mediums of advertisement is a good marketing strategy, we believe to undertake here at Igneeva.

  • TV Commercial (channel and coverage selection depending upon your business and budget, we can provide cost effective solutions compared to open market)
  • Print Media
  • FM publicity
  • Direct Marketing
  • Outdoor Advertising (banners, flex boards, OOH and LED banners)
  • Media Buying and Placement (purchasing different media slots to create awareness about the products)
  • Graphic Designs