Board Advisory

board advisory


Our expert team of consultant deals in providing great board advisory services to plan out a seamless succession transfer, appointing a CEO or a member of the board, change of management or takeovers. Board composition, creating an effective board, governance and pre-IPO board development is what you can leave with us and relax.

With Board Advisory, we also provide M&A advisory, which includes complete services throughout the merger or acquisition process. Purchase of shares/equity, managing the extra equity/shares, acting as an agent for acquiring securities, creating security for already acquired security and faith management in investors.

A Joint Venture advisory service, which includes defining a final standard for joint venture and setting the most beneficial deal for the client, deciding on employees, protecting your prior investments and a fast pace of overcoming the dealing phase and execution of business. Doing a thorough analysis of previous deals pertaining to your business vertical to get the most out of the deal.