About Consulting

About Consulting


For setting up an organization or even expansion, the right balance of skills, ideas and implementation must be achieved. For execution of a project, one needs to have a disciplined approach to reach any decision which may later impact reputation. We at Igneeva, believe in helping our clients achieve their long term targets. Our experts come up with strategies after extensive market study irrespective of the product or service sector.

We provide HR consulting solutions for business restructuring and recruitment assistance. Getting the best possible staff helps you to fulfill your aims and goals. We can get you fitting employees as per your specific needs for maximizing output and profit. Managing the finances remains a key requirement while running, setting up or expansion of an organization. We can provide all round support and assistance irrespective of the industry or sector ranging from insurance to wealth management, banking to asset securitization and more.

To fulfill the company growth and profitability goals, operations management must build competitive advantage. Be it cost reduction, risk management, operational flexibility, improving capital efficiency, our experts have what it takes to be the partner you’re looking for. To thrive in this global environment, we can be your operations partner to deal with operational challenges at hand.

Our dedicated consulting solutions help you convert your new concept and visions to reality. We at Igneeva take complete charge to ensure a smooth running in every department that fits your need. Process consultation, IT design and operations, transformation and integration needs are well taken care of by our experts.

For legal business consultation, look no further Igneeva. We don’t have a one size fits all approach to challenges. We believe in reaching a conclusion and decision after thorough discussion and understanding of client needs. A clear cut understanding of legal aspects is necessary to provide a solution which helps in fulfilling organizational goals. Filing for registrations, taking permissions, and similar tasks can be taken care of by our team of expert consultants.

Liasoning consulting services for assistance in trade and investment related activities are also provided. In case your business is in need of tenders, license, business associations, strong online presence, Igneeva can present you as a reputable business firm.

Different types of certifications and permissions are required to conduct and run a business. Those looking for ISO certifications, partnership certifications, or similar services are welcome to reach out for guidance. Our trained and experienced professionals can help you to find the best possible options for your business. They provide you with well researched reports to have a clear insight on the best suited certifications. Our work doesn’t end here but we’re constantly in touch to help you make the best out of the certifications achieved.

A suitable business plan can take you miles ahead of competitors in long run. Igneeva is a well-known MSME consulting firm with different package solutions irrespective of your business type. We’d love to be the consultation partner you’re looking for. Our enterprise thrives on industry leading practices to set new benchmarks and milestones for all our clients and partners.